PowWow Rescheduled

We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience with the necessary rescheduling of Pow Wow due to power outages at Camp Rainey Mountain.

The newly selected Pow Wow dates are November 17-19.

We understand that this may cause problems with some members' schedules.  However, it may allow some members who were not registered to register for this event.  We had to work around all the other events which were scheduled for our council properties and this was the absolute best date for this event.

REGISTRATION:  Registration for the November Pow Wow is active and open on our web site.  If you already registered for Pow Wow there is no need to re-register.  However, if you could not attend in September and can attend November, just follow the registration procedures as always and register for this event.

REFUNDS:  If someone who previously registered for Pow Wow cannot make this event in November, we will apply the dues portion of your payment to your 2018 dues and will apply the event portion of registration fees to the next OA Lodge Event that you attend.  Please just let us know that you cannot attend in November and let us know which upcoming Lodge Event you would like for your fees to be applied (i.e. Spring Fellowship / Pre-Camp 2018).

We apologize for the inconvenience.  We actually hope that more folks can attend this event than were originally registered.

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